Regenerative Business ToolKits

Elevating Organisations Beyond Sustainability.

Strategy Action Packs to move your business from sustaining the status quo to regenerating the world. Unlock imagination through play. Craft bespoke solutions for positive community, climate and nature action, while saving you time, money and effort.

cost effective

Maximise your resources with our budget-friendly solutions.

time efficient

Maximise your progress with guided support to invest your time wisely.


Stay ahead today with tools designed for tomorrow’s challenges.


Tailor your journey with flexible, adaptable, unique-to-you strategies.

Sweat the Small Stuff, We’ve Got Your Back.

We get it. Shifting from a business-as-usual modus operandi to sustainable can be tough enough, but becoming a regenerative powerhouse?

Getting your body into shape is hard work. There’s no shortcut to putting in the hard miles, and the same goes for using your business body as a force for good. But with REGENASYST by your side, you’re not alone.

Our modular, cost-effective, and time-efficient workout routines make your transition smoother, simpler, and yes…even fun.

Why Regenerative?

Sustainability aims to neutralise our impact, but regenerative practices strive to leave the world better than we found it. It’s about co-designing systems that rejuvenate and replenish, ensuring thriving organisations contribute positively to their communities, nature and the local economy; effortlessly contributing to our global ecosystems.

Pain Points?
What Pain Points?

Lack of Fun & Engagement?

Who say’s strategy work has to be boring? We infuse play(fulness) into all our products. Making your sessions more interesting, engaging and collaborative.

Fear of

Sure, change can be scary. Progress over perfection is our mantra. We feed you bite size chunks for change. Small, manageable steps towards a regenerative practices. Just like doing a ‘Couch-to-5K’ challenge!

Need for Customisation?

We understand that every business – like every body – is unique. That’s why our approach is flexible, customisable and practical. Our tools help you (or your clients) progress, regardless of where you are the business journey.

Lack of

Don’t know your carbon credits from your compost heap? We’re here with jargon busting resources that help you learn on the go. Minimal effort with maximum results!


Running a small business with big dreams? Our self-paced, cost-effective, and time-efficient exercises target key areas in a dynamic way. Only what you need, when you need it.

Overwhelmed by Complexity?

Feeling lost in today’s intricate business obstacle course? Our tools and games are your compass, guiding you through complexity with ease, helping you leap over hurdles towards simplicity.

Our Latest
Action Packs.

Our Action Packs are here to guide you to innovative depths, empowering individuals, teams, and consultants alike. Whether you’re forging a new path or reinforcing the one you’re on, a REGENASYST Action Pack is the versatile ally in your strategic toolbox.

Lead your team in envisioning a practical path to reshape society. Create a compelling Shift Statement that crystallises your organisation’s aspirations for positive change.

Are you ready to confront your biases head-on and unlock your full potential? Bias Master is your key to a clearer, more purposeful path forward. Explore, learn, and evolve with every play.

Tackle global challenges head-on. Make well informed decision-making. Ensure everyone’s ideas shape the strategy. Make your impact go further, even with limited resources.

Want to ensure your business is sustainable? Continuity Preppers is here to revolutionise the way you create your dynamic Business Continuity Plan and Disaster Recovery Plan.

Coming This Summer.

Get ready to stretch your strategic muscles and flex your systems-thinking skills with our upcoming Action Pack(ed) lineup! We’re in the final rounds of polishing, ensuring each game packs a playful punch of fun and strategic depth. Keep your eyes peeled for a groundbreaking blend of engagement and enlightenment. It’s nearly game time – prepare to level up your value in the most enjoyable way possible!

Energise your strategic journey with our Stakeholder Muscle Matrix. Explore stakeholder landscapes, assess impacts, and create tailored engagement strategies. Dive into stakeholder dynamics, refine your approach, and spark insightful discussions and innovative problem-solving.

Ready, set, regenasyst!

Shaping Tomorrow’s Regenerative World, Today.

Join us in moving from sustainability novices to regenerative champions. Together, we leap, dance, and sprint towards a world of social, environmental, and economic wellbeing. Embrace the race to reshape our world. Your transformative journey starts here.

What Our Customers Say

Khandiz facilitated the Bias Master game and gave me invaluable personalized advice on my work and sustainability. She helped me create custom-tailored action points which improve my consultancy practice through better navigating biases.

Nora Kroeger
Freelance Stakeholder Engagement Specialist

REGENASYST and the gamification approach add to the richness and depth of our clients’ experiences.

Denise Taylor, PhD, PIEMA
Managing Director, Wylde Connections

Bias Master helped me bring a new perspective to my thinking in a completely unique way. It didn’t require outside input; just the Action Pack, me, and some quiet time (oh and some scissors!).

Helena Traill
Founder & Creative Director, Nooh Studio

Core Strengths

REGENASYST™ presents a dynamic, systematic approach to elevate your business from mediocrity to total wellbeing. This transformative journey is guided by four fundamental principles, setting the stage a paradigm shift in your organisational ‘body’.


Say goodbye to those dreary strategy sessions! Spice up your strategy design and development by infusing it with fun, engaging self-guided gameplay. Get ready for practical outcomes through collaboration and co-creation. It’s time to make strategy exciting again!


Don’t just react to climate chaos, social disparity, and economic volatility—get ahead of them. Your proactive stance will not only position you as a leader but also make you part of the solution to these interconnected crises. While the journey is yours, gameplay can streamline the path. Flex those business muscles and act today to become a force for positive change.


Sure, strong is good, but being flexible AND strong is better. Get ready to flex and flow with the ever-changing demands of the business, social and natural world. Join our dynamic approach to strategic excellence, and enhance your ‘flex-ability’!


Strive for perfection, but prioritise progress. Keep improving until you reach your full regenerative potential. True growth is a continuous process with ups and downs. Embrace each step to create lasting impact with guidance and advice through iterative exercise and reflective practices, build a better future for Life.

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Discover Our Story

About Us.

REGENASYST® presents a 10-step methodology for business transformation. Blending unique insights, systems-thinking and knowledge building with engaging gameplay. Ideal for freelancers, business owners, and non-profit leaders, it provides effective, budget-friendly solutions for value enhancement. REGENASYST is the brainchild of artist and regenerative business practitioner Khandiz Joni. This playful and active approach fosters deep thinking for robust, future-focused strategies.


Ready to REGENASYST® your business?

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