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The ‘Body Analogy of Sustainability’

What is this Body Analogy of Sustainability you ask? Well, back in 2019, feeling frustrated with the vague definition and inadequate understanding of ‘sustainability’, I set out to get to the core of the meaning. So, I did what I always do and try to find a better way to explain it, using the model that made the most sense: The Three Dependencies Nested Model. But that was a mouthful, and still didn’t always resonate with people. Enter the Body Analogy of Sustainability! This nifty, human-centric illustration aims to demystify what we really mean when we use the term “sustainable”, and show how it applies to personal, business and global contexts. And no, it’s not just about saving polar bears, folks!

The Body Analogy brings simplicity to the application sustainability while REGENASYST® takes you on a guided journey through each business stage, boosting organisational fitness. It focuses on tailored solutions that align with your business needs, promoting authentic ‘total wellbeing’, rather than conforming to superficial and misguided expectations of sustainability. 

The Body Analogy of Sustainability is licensed under the Creative Commons 4.0. So if you find it useful, feel free to share it, just give me a little shout out when you do!

(alt="the economy skeleton")


Think of money and good decision-making (governance) like the bones in your body. They give a business its structure. Just as healthy bones keep us standing tall, a strong financial base and strong values keep a business upright and steady. And, just like bones can heal, a business and economies can bounce back and grow with the right support and care.

(alt="Illustration of the muscular system")


Just like our muscles help us to move and lift, it’s us, as a society – made up of individuals – that pushes for change. Together, we’ve reshaped the world around us. Our communities are made up of diverse groups, much like our body is built from various muscles. And when we all pull in the same direction with purpose, we can achieve remarkable things.

Illustration of a naked man, showing skin


Like our skin and organs protect us and keep our other systems in check, a healthy environment is crucial for any business. Nature provides the essential resources we often take for granted, but without it, businesses would simply not exist, much like a body would without its protective layers.

And hopefully all the cheesy ‘fitness’ references will make a lot more sense now!

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