We’re thrilled you’re embarking on a journey with our REGENASYST® Action Packs and games, designed to reinvigorate, rejuvenate and regenasyst your business practices. Before you dive in, let’s walk through some straightforward guidelines that will help shape our partnership regarding the use of our products. These are key to ensuring a smooth and beneficial experience for everyone involved, so please give them a read.

Contracts might not be the most exciting part of our journey together, but they’re essential for fostering a sustainable and thriving business environment. That’s why we’ve made our terms as clear and approachable as possible, without compromising on the important details. For those interested in the finer points, our complete terms are readily available here.

1. What’s Included.

  • For Businesses/Organisations: Once you have our Action Packs or free resources, your team is welcome to use them to the full within your organisation. It’s important to note that these resources are meant just for your company and shouldn’t be shared with other businesses.
  • For Consulting Partners: Interested in using our games to benefit your clients? Our commercial license allows you to do just that for individual client sessions, and you’re also free to use the games within your own business as much as you’d like. We’re granting you permission on a global scale. However, a new license is required for each client you work with. This means purchasing a new Action Pack at a 50% discount for each new client you intended to use the games with. No need for a new printout each time, which helps us monitor the games’ usage—a key interest of ours.

2. Encouraged Uses.
Our Action Packs come with starter suggestions, but these are merely to get you going. You’re encouraged to employ our tools in any way that aligns with our mission of regeneration and positive impact. They’re crafted to support and amplify your efforts in making meaningful changes.

3. Play Fair.
While it might be tempting, please refrain from distributing the games outside your organisation, altering them, or using them for unintended purposes. These resources are for your use, under these friendly terms.

4. Ownership Clarification.
Just to be clear: all Action Packs and their contents remain our property. They are registered under the REGENASYST™ trademark and methodology design registration. Your use of the games does not alter this ownership.

5. Ending the Agreement.
Though we hope it never comes to this, if you find you need to cease using the games, this agreement outlines the steps to do so. And we ask that you recycle any physical materials used.

6. Legal Framework
These terms are governed by the laws of the United Kingdom, reflecting our operational base.

7. Adjustments to Terms.
Occasionally, we may update these terms. Continuing to use the games after such changes implies your agreement with the new terms.

8. Realistic Expectations.
We provide our Action Packs and other resources as they are, meaning we can’t guarantee they’ll be perfect for every situation or completely bug-free. However, our commitment to delivering quality remains steadfast.

9. Liability Limitations.
In the event of unexpected issues, our liability is limited. This is a standard practice in business, further detailed in our comprehensive terms of use.

10. Supporting Each Other.
If your use of our games leads to any legal challenges, you agree to assist in protecting us from any related consequences.

11. Resolving Disputes.
Should disagreements arise, we aim to resolve them through arbitration in the UK, striving for simplicity and fairness.

12. Agreement Overview.
This document represents our full agreement regarding the use of our games. Not enforcing a part of it immediately doesn’t mean we waive our rights, and if any section doesn’t apply, we’ll adjust it while keeping the rest intact.

13. Contact Us.
For any questions or just to say hello, feel free to reach out at hello [@]

We’ve aimed to keep these terms straightforward and understandable, ensuring a light and clear approach. If anything is unclear or you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re excited to support your business’s regenerative journey with REGENASYST™.

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