Become the Master of Your Biases.

Are you ready to confront your biases head-on and unlock your full potential? Bias Master is your key to a clearer, more purposeful path forward. Explore, learn, and evolve with every play.

60-120 min
Can be played alone or in teams
18 physical and digital scenario cards

Why play Bias Master?

Discover and defeat thinking traps.
Learn which biases are really holding you back.
Develop a strategy to leverage success.

Ways to Play.

Just a few ideas to stretch and flex your thinking.

This game is quite literally a “game changer”. As a business owner I usually overcomplicate thoughts and get stuck in the detail. Bias Master helped me bring a new perspective to my thinking in a completely unique way. It didn’t require outside input, just some time, myself and the game (oh and some scissors!). I recommend it to any business owner looking to take their company to the next level with hardly any effort or cost. I can’t wait to play more games by REGENASYST. Thank you!

Helena Traill, Founder & Creative Director of Nooh Studio
(alt=Bias Master: Exercise your decision-making skills")

Great for…

What’s Included.

Complete strategy session, ready to go
18 playing scenario cards in print and digital formats
Suggest gameplay based on team size
Handouts for players
Action planning template
A cheat sheet to sense-check your bias knowledge
Printing instructions

We’ve Got You.

Solo or
Team Player?

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