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REGENASYST™ is a verb. It’s something you do. To “regenasyst” your business is to revitalise it with a systems-thinking approach, transforming it into a dynamic, regenerative and sustainable organisation. It’s movement, and also an acronym for our 10-step methodology.

Systems-thinking is a way of exploring and understanding how things that seem separate and independent are actually connected and part of a bigger picture. Imagine watching your favourite sports team: instead of focusing on one player, you look at how the whole team moves together, how the fans’ cheers affect the players, and even how the weather might change the game.


In business, this kind of expansive thinking helps us understand the flow, patterns, and relationships between each part of an organisation, leading to smarter decisions that can drive long-term success and sustainability in a complex, interconnected world, naturally seeking dynamic balance.

(alt="the body analogy of sustainability and the REGENASYST framework"


Our approach centres around the ‘Body Analogy of Sustainability’, humanising and simplifying the understanding and application of sustainability in various contexts. This method offers clarity and tailored solutions, steering clear of superficial or siloed ESG actions.


Founded and designed by experienced sustainability consultant and entrepreneur, Khandiz Joni, and developed with insights and contributions from a wide variety of experts in the business and sustainability world.

Our mission is to empower organisations of all shapes and sizes to move beyond sustainability and towards regenerative ways of being that benefits all Life.

In a playful, active and practical way.


Play is our catalyst for creativity. Through playful exploration, we unlock boundless potential and reimagine possibilities. In the practice of play, we discover new ways to nurture each other and unleash innovation.


Embrace the power of action; we don’t wait for change, we create it. Our commitment to being active drives us to lead by example, igniting transformation for the future we want.


Adaptability is our compass. Just as nature evolves, we flex and flow with the currents of change, finding innovative solutions that harmonise with the dynamic needs of our changing world.

Progress Over Perfection.

Striving for progress, not perfection, defines our journey. We understand that true growth is a continuous process. With each step, we cultivate lasting impact and embrace the imperfections that shape a regenerative future.

Our Core Team

Khandiz Joni

Founder & Lead Facilitator

Khandiz is a seasoned sustainability practitioner, passionately guiding businesses and individuals towards ethical and responsible practices. With a rich career spanning over two decades, combining artistry and advocacy to foster regenerative practices and the meaningful change she wants to see in the world.

(alt="Gwyn Jones, REGENASYST's Strategy and Impact Advisor")

Gwyn Jones

Advisor Strategy & Impact

Gwyn has 30 years of experience in creating and running consultancy organisations across Europe, Middle East, Africa, and the Far East. He is a Director at the Association of Sustainability Practitioners and is focused on creating successful strategies that result in positive, regenerative impacts. His goal is to live in harmony with nature and provide enough for everyone forever, so that our children can thrive.

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