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Action Packs.

Our Action Packs are here to lead you to innovative depths, empowering freelancers, entrepreneurs, business leaders, and consultants alike. Whether you’re forging a new path or reinforcing the one you’re on, an Action Pack is the versatile ally in your strategic toolbox you’ve been looking for.

Are They?

Action Packs are expertly curated strategy sessions aimed at guiding you through the creation of a comprehensive Regenerative Business Plan. Their purpose is to uplift your organisation beyond merely maintaining financial health and being a bit ‘green’, to proactively rejuvenating nature, society, and the economy, ensuring the thriving of all Life. These sessions blend established frameworks with a systems-thinking approach, infusing playfulness and flexibility, to present a distinctive strategy development experience.

They Do.

Action Packs aren’t your run-of-the-mill planning tool — think of them as your business’s personal trainer. They get you diving into the nitty-gritty, helping you pinpoint where to tune-up, double down, or pivot entirely. Imagine them as a launchpad for brainwaves that morph into real, tangible action. They’re all about shaking things up, breathing new life into your strategy, and propelling you towards a business model that’s not just sustainable but downright vital.

Benefits At A Glance

Steer clear of the one-track mindset and dip into our well of resources that take the complexity out of what to do when, with limited time, money and effort.

Flexible & Sector Agnostic

Whether you’re sprouting fresh roots or branching out, our packs are the fertile soil for your business to thrive in any industry.

No Need for Expensive Consultants

Bypass the hefty fees and go DIY—these packs are designed for hands-on teams ready to roll up their sleeves.

With Precision

Pinpoint exactly where your organisation shines and where you need specialist support, making every penny of your investment count.

Designed for All Shapes & Sizes

From solo eco-warriors to small and mighty teams, gear up for growth that radiates purpose and drives real change.

How to
use them.

Practical, straightforward guides on how to wield these packs to channel your efforts and amplify your value.

Select Your Pack – Choose from our variety of Action Packs tailored to different business needs.
Set Up The Session – Download the pack, print the game, cut the cards, learn the rules, book the room, gather your group, and explain the exercise (the Action Packs have everything you need for the session).
Play The Game – Use our suggested gameplay or play your own way to co-design meaningful and measurable solutions for your business and stakeholders.
Apply To Your Business – Use these strategies you have co-created with your team in practical ways within your operations, marketing, and decision-making processes.

View Our Selection!

No matter the size or nature of your organisation, there is an Action Pack ready to meet your needs, with a scaled price tag too! Explore our selection of Action Packs, and push your organisational boundaries to where net-positive impact and profitability meet.

Coming (very) Soon…

Get ready to stretch your strategic muscles and flex your systems-thinking skills with our upcoming Action Pack(ed) lineup! We’re in the final rounds of polishing, ensuring each game packs a playful punch of fun and strategic depth. Keep your eyes peeled for a groundbreaking blend of engagement and enlightenment. It’s nearly game time – prepare to level up your value in the most enjoyable way possible!

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You’re not just running a business; you’re nurturing a living entity that can echo positive change into eternity. At REGENASYST, we drop the fluff and give you the stuff that translates aspirations into achievements.

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